• Why not use Bash for Algorithmic Interviews?

    During an interview, I asked, in jest, whether I could use Whitespace to solve the problem. The interviewer chuckled and said that if I implemented the algorithm in Bash, I would receive an offer on the spot; jokingly. I did not solve the problem in Bash that day; however, I've been wondering why I haven't tried using Bash for algorithmic interviews. This post is an exploration on the subject.

  • Exploring the Hailstone Sequence with Julia

    The hailstone sequence is a sequence of positive integers from an initial value that is popular through the Collatz conjecture, an unsolved problem in mathematics. We are interested in simulating the sequence at various initial values to gain insights to how the stopping time property relates to the initial value.

  • Modeling Extensible and Type Safe Vector Spaces in Java 8

    Vector spaces are one of the most common mathematical abstractions. In classical physics, vectors can describe linear motion in space. In operations research, vectors can describe linear constraints to optimization problems. In statistics and machine learning, vectors can describe features in datasets.

  • Harnessing The Grid AI with Support Vector Machines

    There are few skeptics of the claim that Artificial Intelligence is used behind The Grid, a tool for generating designs dictated by content.

  • Being Productive in C with GNU Make

    Any such tool for taming the complexity of software helps developers become more productive.